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Care Delivery. Reinvented.

For Hospitals, Employers, Governments, Health Teams, & Insurers.

Bloom provides solutions specific to the industries we service. Our innovative solutions are driven by our Customer's needs and pain points. At Bloom we create solutions and deliver services that solve our Customers problems

Radical Interoperability for better Transitional Care.

Optimized Home Health

Moving patient care to the home is the next chapter of healthcare. All types of organizations – nursing, hospice, private duty, home health – are choosing to offer this patient-centric model, but the challenge is ensuring a high level of quality and consistency as mobile specialists are in the field. Blooms technology solves this problem. Our product is a tool that helps us deliver better patient experiences, improve compliance and metrics, supports better transitional care, improves accessibility and reduces cost.


Hospitals, Patients, and their loved ones can request appointments that show up right in the platform. Timestamps and real time updates help to monitor when a home health service has taken place. Tags guarantee that only appropriately-qualified specialists accept each appointment. Blooms messaging sends automatic appointment reminders to both Care Pro's, and patients or their families to ensure more transparency, better communication, and driving accountability to ensure quality outcomes. 

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24/7 Injury Management



Mobile Management


Our technology helps dispatch, manage, and track our mobile Care Pro workforce in one place, ensuring better coordinated and more accessible care. Our API integrates with your existing systems, EHR's or other internal technology platforms, creating a seamless workflow. You can reduce costs, improve transitions, and improve outcomes. Together, we can assign appointments on any device, track active services, access finance reports for invoicing, perform background checks, and automate messaging to your patients – just to name a few.


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