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Partner Solutions

For our Hospitals, Employers, Governments, Health Teams, & Insurers.

With more than 40 years of experience backing the most advanced community based technology, Bloom provides its Partners with a number of solutions specific to home, community and employer health services.  With Bloom, our partners can expect trusted, reliable and qualified Care Professionals that meet their organizational needs. Bloom provides innovations specific to the industries we service and our innovations are driven by sectoral needs and pain points. At Bloom we create solutions and deliver services that solve problems.

Home and Community Care Re-invented  

Bloom provides a better more reliable home care experience. Our technology and operational excellence enables better transparency, better communication, and better access to quality community care that provides meaningful health outcomes.
Our Hospital and Community Health Partners rely on Bloom to:
  • Provide quality vetted Care Professionals
  • Care Professionals that meet your patients needs
  • Quick, simple & automated scheduling capabilities 
  • Metrics, data & secure communication
  • Quicker acceptance and deployment of healthcare professionals and a proactive approach


Bloom on Demand MyNurse™ 


Bloom provides on demand and secure virtual access to qualified and experienced Nurses for a variety of settings and Partner Segments.
Our Nurse Triage Solutions includes: 
  • Hospital to Home Transitional Care 
  • Workplace Injury Intervention 
  • Family Caregiver Assistance 


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Experience the Benefits of Bloom

Home & Community

Reduce Missed Home Care Visits  l  Real Time Visibility and and Communication with Care Pros  l  Better Front Line User Experience  l  Faster Access to Care  l  Quicker Deployment of Care Pros
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