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A little bit about us...


We're on a Mission to create Better Care Experiences, and we're making it happen.

Bloom was created as an innovative re-invention of home and community care, defining a better care experience for our Patients, Families, Partners and Care Pro's™. With a combination of industry leading technology and operational excellence, Bloom set out to redefine how people obtain health care by focusing on addressing many of the pain points that health services organizations have and continue to face today.


With more than 40 years of combined healthcare experience in servicing government, community, employer and insurance sectors, providing ALC and transitional care solutions, the founders of Bloom were compelled and driven to address the issues that many organizations were experiencing with current service delivery models.


We put the emphasis on the patient, family and our Care Professionals (Care Pro's™) and started from there – how do we define a better care experience, the answer is what makes up Bloom today.

We empower a Better Culture that Supports Better Outcomes 

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We Engage our Team

We engage our team to ensure they know we care. This supports our mission of better care experiences for all.

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We Provide Feedback

Why make assumptions? We speak with our team, listen and provide feedback to ensure we're all aligned. 

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We Support team Needs

Have a problem? We don't just talk about solutions, we execute and ensure everyone is supported in their journey.

Technology that Supports our Mission 

Moving patient care to the home is the next chapter of healthcare. However, the challenge is ensuring a high level of quality and consistency as mobile specialists are in the field. Blooms technology solves this problem. Our product is a tool that helps us deliver better patient experiences, improved metrics, supports better transitional care, improved accessibility and reduced cost.


With Bloom, Hospitals, Patients, and their loved ones can request appointments that show up right in the platform. Geo-Positioned Facial Recognition time and attendance verification and real time notifications, updates, and live-tracking help to monitor when services have taken place. Tags guarantee that only appropriately - qualified specialists accept each appointment. Blooms messaging sends automatic appointment reminders to both Care Pro's™ and patients or their families to ensure more transparency & better communication, which drives accountability to ensure better quality outcomes. 

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Find out why so many organizations are joining Bloom today!

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